Student's residence network - data transfer limit


On Mendel University's residence network, there is a 40 GiB upload/download (both together) data transfer limit per 7-days period.
When you exceed 80% of the bandwidth limit, you will be sent a warning email reminding you of our current bandwidth limitations and policies.

After exceeding the bandwidth limit, your account will be suspended for 10-days period.

You can use the link below to view your bandwidth usage as calculated by UIS. This is the official method for monitoring your bandwidth.
View your bandwidth usage at:

This limit was set by rector's committee of informatics, dated June 10, 2013.

*Note: You are responsible for all actions performed from your computer that is connected to the residence network or Mendel University wireless network.
You are expected to take all reasonable security precautions to ensure that others do not use your computer for abusive or illegal purposes.