Manual for Windows 10


  1. By default, you can only access Or use web authentication to be able to access other web pages. But it's highly recommended to authenticate yourself using MENDELU certificates, due to a better speed and performances. Follow this manual to configure it.
  2. Continue to
  3. Continue to Log in page
  4. Log in to UIS with your credentials
  5. Continue to Certificate for 'eduroam' wireless network
  6. User certificate is valid for 6 months. You can use it for both Eduroam WiFi and dormitory's Ethernet network. If you don't have any certificates, generate a new one. If you are using old certificates on another devices, you must reinstall it everywhere after generating a new one.
  7. Download root certificate PKCS#12 of certificate authority (application: MS Windows->certificate verification) and open it to begin installation process.
  8. Install certificate ...
  9. You can continue with import for a current user only.
  10. Place certificate to the "Trusted root store" as on the picture.
  11. One more step to a final confirmation.
  12. Confirm certificate installation by clicking on "YES" button.
  13. Root certificate is valid to 6/6/2036, so you don't need to reinstall it.
  14. Download basic user certificate PKCS#12 (or PFX)(application: MS Windows->WiFi) and open it. Note: You can see on the picture, that there is a password above the download link. You will need that password later for installing user certificate.
  15. You can continue with import for a current user only.
  16. Continue with default path.
  17. You need to enter password, which was generated directly for your user certificate. See the picture above.
  18. Place certificate to the "Personal" as on the picture.
  19. Click on the "Finish" button and your user certificate should be successfully imported.
  20. Do "Windows search" as on the picture use these steps for how you would like to open the Services snap-in window.
    a) Press the Windows+R keys to open the Run dialog, type services.msc, press Enter
    b) Open the Control Panel (icons view), click/tap on the Administrative Tools icon, double click/tap on Services shortcut
  21. Open "Services" and continue to the next step.
  22. Search a service called "Wired AutoConfig Service"
  23. If you have found this service, continue to the next step.
  24. Select properties to configure this service.
  25. Change startup type to "Automatic".
  26. You should start this service manually for the first time. Service will be started automatically after the restart.
  27. Don't forget to save this configuration.
  28. Open "Network and Sharing center" as on the picture, or go to the Control Panel/Network and Internet
  29. Continue to the "adapter settings".
  30. You need to configure Ethernet adapter for a local wired network.
  31. Right click on your adapter and select "Properties".
  32. If the "Wired AutoConfig Service" is running, you should see "Authentication" tab on the top
  33. Select "Microsoft: Smart Card or other certificate" option and click on the "Settings" button
  34. Select/check your MENDELU certificate from a Trusted root certificates.
  35. Unplug and plug ethernet cable and internet should be unlimited now, authenticated with the certificates instead of web authentication service.
  36. Thank you,

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